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Watch the Chile National team live in New York City. La Marea Roja NYC, was born out of a passion for soccer to support ‘ La Roja ‘ or Chile’s national football team. La Marea Roja meaning ‘ Red Tide ‘ or ‘ Red Wave ‘ symbolizes the loyal fans that are present at every game of the team supporting with all passion.

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La Marea Roja NYC

This group was established by a group of 4 friends who met at Smithfield Hall NYC during the Copa America 2015 and came up with the idea of establishing a fan base in NYC. Since the start, the group has grown significantly and has united Chileans in the NYC and Tristate area to become the biggest and most important of the groups supporting La Roja in the United States. Additionally they have expanded their presence in the country to reach cities such as San Francisco and Miami. La Marea Roja NYC has made Smithfield Hall NYC its official ‘home ‘ ever since the start. The group is not just open for Chileans but for anyone who wants to support La Roja and want to meet and interact with loyal Roja fans and Chilenos in NYC.

Chile’s national football team was established in 1895 in Valparaiso, the second oldest national football team in South America – from its humble beginnings, La Roja participated in the first world cup at Uruguay in 1930, to being third in the world when hosting the 1962 World Cup, participating in a total of 9 world cups. This team has contributed to the passion and history of football creating innovative football maneuvers, such as the bicycle kick. Chile’s La Roja are the reigning Copa América champions, having won the tournament for the first time on home soil in 2015. As a result Chile was ranked number 3rd in the world on FIFA Ranking, which is considered the highest ever in the history of the nation. Many of their players play in Europe or around the world, starting with known figures from the past such as Marcelo Salas, Zamorano – the ‘ dupla Za-Sa ‘ to more recent figures such as Arturo Vidal ‘ Rey Arturo ‘, Alexis Sanchez, ‘ el nino maravilla ‘, Claudio Bravo ‘el capitán’,  Valdivia ‘El Mago ‘, Gary Medel ‘ Pitbull ‘ and many more..

Smithfield Hall, the best place to watch Chile in New York.

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